Monday, December 04, 2006

Time for a break

Over the last month we have been on a trial period for a position as a Jr creative team. Last week we were offered a permanent position.

So six months after graduation we are finally hired. It hasn’t been a bad run in fact we have both had an enjoyable time, once we finished our degree we went straight into the D&AD advertising workshop, following that straight into placements and now working.

We start in January though before that we are both taking a needed holiday James is back in the UK and Joao is heading to Rio.

The blog will be coming from various destinations over the next month, we now also have contributions from Alex Goulart a Belgium based copywriter.


onewomanrunning said...


I'm really pleased for you and I hope you enjoy your breaks.

lazbash said...

Congrats, and becasue of that you're tagged.

adbook said...

Thanks guys, will start on the tag ASAP. Happy New Year.