Friday, December 22, 2006

Rio 40 graus

Last week I checked out a friend’s final portfolio class here in Rio. It was a one year course they had just completed at ESPM (Escola Superior de Publicidade e Marketing).

Brazil is constantly producing top work; here are some of the great Brazilian agencies.

F/Nazca S&S

The work of Brazilian students was of a very different style compared to that of British students, which made it difficult for me to compare standards.

Most of the work I saw was finished to an extremely high standard, for me to mock up half of what they produced would take days. Though there were a lot of great integrated strategies on display, the students themselves agreed they would be able to push things a lot further if they were not required to mock up to an excellent standard.

The truth in Brazil, and I imagine in many countries to be the same, is that if a team wants to get onto to a placement they unfortunately have to demonstrate great Mac skills as few agencies have the budget for extra studio work as one would in Europe or the US.

After the course presentations, they headed out to a local boteco (street bar) and a couple of days later they had a graduation beach party on Copacabana. Now that’s what was missing from the D & AD final workshop.

Sorry about the quality of the photos taken at the boteco.

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